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At Lightworth, we believe that Learning is the gateway to profitable lifestyle. So we approach it with delight and great excitement. Our team are passionate about improved outcome, quality education for all and make unusual investment of creativity and empathy in designing the future that we desire. Our innovations are tailored the need of the community we serve but globally defined - this makes our work most meaningful and inspiring to our people.
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Our Offer

Uniques as YOU

We understand how unique your business is and will recreate it for you our products are bespoke and custom made to suit your business goals.


Every engagement begins with a relationship. We want you to become part of our community. Even after your product is shipped, be sure to get continuous support from our team.

Ships in time

We work with your schedule and provide valuable feedback along the way. It's delightsome deployment.

Budget friendly

We won't need to break the bank for any of our service offerings. Oue products are hand-crafted and build by our team. This ensures quality at the best of prices. It doesn't get easier anywhere else.

Our Services

We offer web application development, data analysis, and database management with React, Nodejs, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Python. We build and deploy scalble, responsive and user-friendly applications.
When you need help, a piece of advice or support, we are right there for you. We help you deliver more with less.
We teach what we do. We also support young people and professionals with digital & computing skills through bootcamps and mentorship programs.

Our Works

Sharepoint is a community networking application that allows people to share ideas, personal profiles and enagage with the people they love and care about.
ShopOver is an online marketplace that provides shoppers with quality product and services offers at their budget.
Okanmuta is an e-learning application that connects passionate instructors to their learners.

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